What should you look for when choosing a casino bonus?

The constant competition between casino sites today is huge and that’s why it’s so important for casinos to stand out, be unique and attract new players to their site. And that is why casino bonuses come into play here, as it is one of the most important factors that new players look at when choosing new casinos.

The bigger and better the bonuses, the easier it is to attract more players. This is of course also very good for players who want to play as much as possible, but with a minimum deposit. With huge casino bonuses you get a lot more money to play with and often free spins on occasion.

So which casinos offer the best deposit bonuses? This is obviously a very difficult question to answer. Every player has their own preferences and depending on what games they like or what bonuses they prefer, there are many different options to be found. To answer the question of which offers are available, that is actually the best deposit bonus, we need to calculate factors such as bonus size, maximum deposit and wagering requirements.

It’s easy to stare blindly at high interest bonuses and promises of free money when you’re checking out casino bonuses, but such bonus schemes almost always have hidden conditions or wagering requirements that need to be met before you can withdraw any money. To avoid disappointment and feeling cheated, it’s important to take responsibility and always read the terms and conditions of any bonus you accept.

As mentioned above, we are talking about wagering requirements when it comes to casino bonuses and this is something that every casino bonus has. When accepting a new bonus, it is worth checking the terms and conditions that the bonus must be wagered 35 times before you can make a withdrawal. So if you deposit $500 with a 100% bonus, you will get a total of $1000 to play with. You then need to wager $35,000 in slots and casino games before you can make a withdrawal. This may seem like a ridiculous amount of money, but it really isn’t, if you wager $3-4 per spin you will finish this amount in just a few hours, and if you are lucky you will have no problem finishing your bet. Using a casino bonus actually sometimes gives you an advantage over the casino, so if you were to use the same bonus for a longer period of time, you would eventually benefit. Of course, this won’t happen because casino bonuses are usually only offered on the first few deposits, but you can get away with it.

But why does a casino have wagering requirements?

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It’s simply to protect themselves from losing too much money. If you gave out free money to every player who signed up without any wagering requirements or anything like that, most people would end up just withdrawing the free money and leaving the casino having lost a ton of money with no profit. The reason why casino bonuses exist in the first place is because they allow you to try out the casino with less risk and also give you a better chance of winning with the hope of coming back to play in the future, kind of like an investment if you want to call it that. A casino is not a charity and does not give away free money, treat it like any business and you can profit from it if you are smart.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning some more about codes. Codes and campaigns with codes are a way of redeeming a bonus that has declined over the last few years and is not very common today. Instead, it has been replaced by bonus pages, bonus links or campaign links that automatically add a bonus to players who click the link. This is the most common form of getting a welcome bonus today, especially if it is a very good welcome bonus.

Free spins at online casinos: how to get the most profitable bonus

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So, it has already been said that the definition of “free spins” may confuse the novice player, as free spins most often mean spins issued on deposit. Casino customers deposit money into a game account and receive a certain number of spins on a particular machine. There may be free spins without a deposit:

  • in clubs, where free spins consist of an exclusive promotion for beginners;
  • as an addition to the main bonus when topping up the account – when free spins are included in the welcome bonus package;
  • as an incentive and additional gift for users participating in tournaments, prize draws or raffles (for example, free spins in Wheel of Fortune).

It is worth noting that the release of free spins does not mean that winnings obtained with their help are not subject to wagering. Therefore, it is necessary to check the terms and conditions of the bonus program with free spins, which note the presence or absence of wagering requirements.

Free backs without a bet. This can be a conditional number of spins with no deposit or top-ups with no wagering requirements.

Still exclusive types of free spins which include regular free spins, super spins and mega free spins at individual institutions. Such free spins differ in the size of the bet – the ratios in them are higher than usual.

Free spins at mobile casinos without deposit and other conditions

In mobile casinos, free spins are issued in the same way, because playing in them is no different from playing in browser versions. But to attract users to this format, even more beneficial bonuses can be applied.

Free spins and bonuses when used at online casinos

The two main types of free spins are no deposit spins and free spins, which are a prerequisite for depositing funds into your account. Online gambling resources may offer these free spins to existing customers and those who are just going through the registration process. This means that a number of free spins may be offered as incentives when you sign up for an account, and as part of exclusive or ongoing promotions.

Spins with no deposit or free spins with no investment

No-deposit spins are often offered instead of or in combination with a cash bonus. In this case, players receive a fixed number of no-deposit spins of a certain bet value and only on certain machines. Such a no deposit free spins package refers to the absence of deposit bonuses, so they can be set to limit the maximum amount to withdraw winnings. In order to remove the ban on withdrawals after scrolling through the spent free spins, users must meet the wagering requirements.

Free spins with deposit

What is free spins with replenishment is basically implied by the name of the bonus. As a rule, these are free spins with a set bet value on the slot machine rotation when depositing funds into the balance. Such free spins can also be spent using a promo code.

The number of free spins depends on the amount deposited in the account. The more money the player puts on the balance, the more free spins he will receive as a result.

Usually, free spins for deposit is a bonus that has no restrictions on the maximum withdrawal amount. But with such free spins, it is also necessary to meet the wagering requirements before requesting a withdrawal from the game account.

Online casino with free spins: how new players get the welcome bonus

No deposit spins and other types of free spins can be found in lotteries, tournament competitions and as separate bonus offers. But most often, free spins are included in initial casino bonus packages. This is due to the fact that with the help of free spins with mandatory top-up and no deposit spins, institutions fight back against the competition and attract new visitors.

At the best clubs you can get up to hundreds of no deposit spins and free top-up spins. Their amount is usually fixed, but it is important to study carefully in which games you can use such free spins.

Other variations of free spins

Free spins can have other variations. We list the main ones:

  • Risk-free free spins. These are such free spins that involve topping up your account for an amount specified in the rules. Winnings in these are issued in real money and are immediately added to your balance without mandatory wagering.