Tips for Beginner Punters

We have prepared some tips for you as a first-time bettor:

Start by betting smaller amounts

The best way to learn how to bet is by practice, so take your time. Do some tests and understand how the system works before risking larger amounts. The minimum amount to bet is around R$2. Bet to win, but be aware that every investment has a risk. Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose.

Limit your risks

balancing mans

Don’t invest all your money in a single bet. The risk is reduced if you make several smaller bets. Likewise, avoid the “cumulative betting” options offered at major tournaments. These pay out a bundle if three different teams win their respective matches. However, it is too risky. Prefer the betting options for just one match at a time.

Favorites Vs Underdogs

Be careful when investing on the underdogs. The return is high, but so is the risk. Only bet on them when you have good reason to believe they will win, or if you think the bookmaker made some kind of mistake when calculating the odds. Also watch out for opportunities to bet on a draw, which usually pays good money.

Be rational

Don’t let your emotions get the better of you. Many people lose money by betting on their favorite team to win. Be realistic and be guided by logic and reason.

Do your homework

Before betting, understand why the odds are so high or so low. Know the teams’ histories, how their athletes are preparing and the teams’ motivations. Follow the free forecasts here at OddsShark Brasil to receive valuable information from our betting experts.

Don’t overdo it

Don’t place a bet just to win back the money you lost on another one. If you are losing too often, it is better to give yourself some time to recover and better evaluate the situation of the teams. Betting on the Internet should be fun, not a hindrance.

Receive your profit

bag of money

When you get a correct result, the amount is automatically deposited into your account on the betting site. You can withdraw the money at any time, as long as you are not rollover compliant due to a bonus you have won. Just be aware of the time frame required for each type of transaction. Some withdrawal methods are instant, while others may take up to 10 business days.

If you have not yet sent your documentation to the site (ID and proof of residence), you will need to complete this step before you can receive your profit. The withdrawal can only be made to a bank account registered in your own name. Preferably the same one you used when you deposited.

The transfer to your account is free of charge, as long as you have bet all the money you have deposited at least once. If you have not placed any bets, the houses reserve the right to charge a service fee.

Make your first deposit and enjoy bonuses

There are several ways to place money in a sportsbook. Each one has its own rules, but in general credit card, bank transfer, boleto, Bitcoin and a variety of e-wallets that can make your life easier are accepted. Choose which deposit option you prefer and how much you want to transfer.

When you make your first deposit, most of the houses will offer you a special bonus. This bonus is for you to get to know the site, test different kinds of bets and have fun, so take advantage of it! But be aware that you cannot withdraw a bonus amount. First, you must go through the “rollover”. That is, you will have to bet several times before converting what is bonus into real money. The rules vary from site to site.