Top of the Most Beautiful Places in Australia

So what are the sights of Australia worth seeing if you are suddenly lucky enough to get to this distant country, and why is it so unusual and attractive? It is worth noting that Australians are very sensitive to their country, to its unusual and unique nature. Some representatives of the animal world you will not even see in any zoo, and many plant species are found only in Australia, many Australians also like to play in National Casino. Indeed, Australia with its sights is a paradise for travelers.

1. The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the main attractions of Australia. The unique creation of nature is visible even from space. The BBR is recognized as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a real marine park. This place is a must for those who are lucky enough to get to Australia!

It’s always warm in these parts, so tourists are here all year round. The BBR stretches along the eastern coast for a distance of about 2.5 thousand kilometers, it is the largest system of coral reefs on the planet. Diving is the main activity on the reef, which will allow you to enjoy the richest underwater world. Not all the islands of the BBR are available to visit, but those that tourists can visit will give a meeting with amazing marine nature – unique species of fish, corals, sea turtles, huge stingrays, and even whales!

2. The Twelve Apostles

If you are in the state of Victoria (Melbourne is located in this state), be sure to visit Port Campbell Park. On its coast there are limestone rocks of extraordinary beauty, this place is very popular with tourists, and it is called the 12 Apostles. However, there are only 8 rocks left here.

3. The Great Ocean Road


One of the most picturesque highways in the world also begins near Melbourne. Its length is 243 km, and it begins in the city of Torquay. Surf beaches, national parks, lighthouses, fern forests, waterfalls are located along the entire route. Surely you will be able to see both kangaroos and koalas (you just need to be extremely careful when driving a car-accidents with animals happen too often), the views are incredible, as are the impressions!

4. The Penguin Parade

A parade of Penguins can be seen on Phillip Island, located near Melbourne. These cute creatures return to their burrows every evening after a long fishing trip in the ocean. Also on the island, there is a chocolate factory, an Australian farm, a winery, a koala reserve. On the way to the island, tourists like to visit the Maru Wildlife Park, where you can see wild kangaroos, wild dingo dogs, and koalas. The island is visited annually by several million tourists.