Online casinos: it’s not just about availability

Promotions and bonuses

welcome bonus

The vast majority of online casinos have introduced welcome bonuses to encourage customers to make larger deposits. Mostly they work in a similar way: the casino owner adds to the player’s account a certain part of the amount he decides to deposit. Most often it is a doubling of the deposit. The user is required to wager the bonus amount several times before he can withdraw the winnings. Of course, this is where the more serious statistic begins: not everywhere the rules for wagering the bonus are the same and individual casinos apply certain exclusions and restrictions here. In general, however, this is quite a nice marketing move, as the player can get his hands on some really big money. If you want to know more, read about the bonus at online casinos on the expert site.

Attractive games

some casinos games

One of the most important advantages of online casinos is the huge range of games available. Those more familiar with the technology will note that, after all, the engines responsible for the game mechanics are almost always the same. That’s true, but players are also evaluating the visuals, and these are truly stunning. Not to mention the fact that online casinos allow you to play either against the software or against the dealers – some games are run live and are a one-to-one representation of a traditional casino. By the way, the repeated use of the same engine also makes the casino more attractive, as it is a guarantee of the purity of the game. Regardless of what the authors of many guides write, online casino machines cannot be cheated – even if one were to defeat the program itself, there are still mechanisms in place to check players for cheats.

Independence and flexibility

This point is bound to be controversial. And this is for two reasons. Firstly, it concerns the Gambling Act. In the opinion of most market experts, it is simply a legal blob. And online casinos can easily circumvent its provisions – we absolutely do not advise this, it is just a statement of fact. Online casinos can introduce games that are excluded on arbitrary grounds under law. They may introduce bonuses that make the game more interesting. It is the users of these casinos who are most often satisfied with their winnings. In addition, online casinos have made great use of their independence, for example recently when land-based casinos in Macau were closed down due to a coronavirus. It is worth bearing in mind that the availability of classic casinos is decreasing not only due to controversial legislation, but also due to otherwise natural events. The internet is far less sensitive to these.

Less commitment

A trip to a traditional casino is quite a challenge for many people. A journey – not necessarily a close one, the right dress code, a large amount of money in the wallet: it’s all really a problem. And once you’ve stepped through the doors of a casino, you don’t just spend five minutes there, but several hours. And paradoxically, the more accessible online casinos can do quite well against this background. Critics claim that they are very easily addictive. However, there is no evidence for this, but one can easily imagine playing just one game on an electronic slot machine. It doesn’t work like that in a land-based casino: nobody goes there for just one game. One might even be tempted to say that an online casino makes it easier to get away from the game than a land-based casino. This in turn means that it is more likely to be used by people who have neither a lot of time nor a lot of money.

Clear rules

In an age of twisted rules and regulations, clear rules are extremely important. Granted, traditional casinos have their own rules and regulations, and there are plenty of unwritten rules that should make the game safe, fun and comfortable. Yet it is the online casinos that are obliged to create clear rules that users can easily follow. This is good for people who lack experience. The instructions of online casinos describe licenses, game rules, deposit and withdrawal rules. You can (and should) familiarize yourself with all this, which significantly reduces the risk of getting into trouble. You can choose a casino which you trust and which operates legally. In contrast to traditional casinos, it is only tacitly assumed that they are actually safe, but repeated information about customs raids makes you at least wonder about their legality.


Accessibility is perhaps the most important advantage of online casinos, but there are definitely other strengths. Before playing for the first time, it’s worth getting to know all of them instead of reading only critical reviews. Above all, however, it is worth realizing that the best solution in this situation is to simply play and form your own opinion.