Tips and tricks for casino games

Poker tricks

two aces

Poker is definitely not just a game of luck – poker is also a game of skill and strategy.

Without understanding the basic poker tips and strategies, players can be at risk of losing a lot of money. Once players understand these basic strategies, it is easy to play poker with confidence and walk away from the table with a win.

One of the basic tips for playing poker is to understand the rules of the game. There are many types of casino poker games. Each is played slightly differently, so before you bet any amount of money, it is always good to have an understanding of how the game is played and the vocabulary commonly used. Also, a poker player should never sit down to play without enough cash or chips. The general rule in most casinos is that a player should have at least 50 times the limit per poker hand at the table. Bluffing is not an option if players do not have enough money.

Another good tip for playing poker in a casino is to use a good poker face. This means that poker players should never change their facial expression or react when looking at their poker cards. This can give other players the advantage of knowing whether the opposing player has a good hand or not. Also, a poker player should always exercise patience while playing. Poker requires a lot of concentration and skill. Money is not won quickly in a poker game. Instead, players must use their best skills and show great patience.

Tricks in the game of Blackjack


There are many blackjack tips in the game, as playing, standing or splitting certain hands can give you a good chance of winning. In Blackjack there is a tip or strategy for every possible combination of cards, but here we will group many of them together and point out just a few of the most important.

A “soft” hand is one in which there is an Ace. This is because the Ace can go either way, as a 1 or an 11.

A “hard” hand is one in which there is no 1.

Always hit on a hand of 16 or less, as there is little or no chance you will lose, and the dealer will always have a better hand if you don’t.

Hitting on a soft 17.

A hard 17 is more complicated and your decision should be based on the dealer’s showdown card at the casino.

Hit if the dealer has 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K or A. Otherwise, stand and cross your fingers that the dealer loses.

The soft 18 is also tricky and should be based on the dealer’s show card. If the dealer has a 9, 10, J, Q, K or A then you should hit, otherwise it is best to stand.

Stand on a hard 18.

Always stand on 19 and 20.

Blackjack is one casino game, like Poker, where a solid strategy can actually give you a better chance of winning. Your only opponent is bad judgement.

Chips tricks

The rule of thumb in craps is to push the devil out of the hot craps table and make parlay bets, take odds and keep all bets on the number of points under control until the table cools down. You can make more money faster at the hot craps table than at other casino games.

Players who know how to play craps make a killing when they find a hot table.

The secret to recognizing a hot table early is that each shooter holds the dice for several passes. Some shooters hold the dice much longer than usual and roll many numbers in a row before they score. Difficulties become more frequent and all this happens without many sevens. The lack of sevens is another indication that the table is moving in favour of the craps players.

Be alert to these runs of numbers and which shooters seem to be lucky. Then place your bets and watch your bankroll grow as the table goes from hot to warm.