Book of Ra Slot review

Anyway, the group of fans of this slot is expanding dynamically even today. The author of Book of Ra online is Novomatic, one of the most serious players on the casino games market. Based on this game, an extended version was created – the five-disc Book of Ra Deluxe, with an RTP of 92.13%. However, already in the basic version Book of Ra Casino Edition gives really a lot of fun both for beginners and advanced players.

Book of Ra takes you into a world of adventure, skilfully encased in the atmosphere of ancient Egyptian mysteries. Immerse yourself in the gameplay and discover the Pharaoh’s golden treasure. As you embark on this quest, you’ll discover a host of symbols based on Egyptian symbols and pictograms: a purple scarab, a statue of the winged goddess Isis and a bust of a pharaoh. In particular, let your eyes shine when you see the top prize winning symbol of the legendary Book of Ra, which is the wild in this game.

Book of Ra is a slot that is an excellent adaptation of an interesting theme that has won the hearts of many fans. It’s something for connoisseurs of mummies, historical oddities and anyone who wants a good laugh.

About Book of Ra slot

The Book of Ra video slot’s main appeal is its atmosphere of adventure and competition. The online casino does a great job of boosting these qualities. When you become the hero of the game, you will travel through Egypt in search of the Book of Ra, filled with mysticism. In it is written the recipe for wealth. The journey takes you from the ancient pyramids, through the various temples, all the way to the Pharaoh’s treasury. Book of Ra slot combines the best of ancient Egypt and its legends with the thrill of modern storytelling.

The Book of Ra online game instantly dominated the list of the most launched slots in Germany or the UK. Just as quickly, the slot became a perfect example of what an online casino game should look like. Nowadays it’s practically a classic with the added advantage that you can play Book of Ra casino slot on both desktop and mobile devices.

Of course, such a success couldn’t go unnoticed. Quickly, spin-offs of the Book of Ra were created: Magic, Jackpot, Mystic Fortunes, Temple of Gold and finally, probably the only game that lived up to the popularity of the original – Book of Ra Deluxe. In this more elaborate version, numerous changes have been made in terms of design, prize system or customisability of the interface, but the most iconic symbols have remained almost untouched, thanks to which this slot gives a pleasant impression of continuity with the original.

The most unusual – at least at the time of Book of Ra’s creation – feature of this game, is the Book of Ra symbol. It is both a scatter and a wild symbol. Granted – it doesn’t have much value on its own, it can substitute for any other symbol, and that’s its real strength. And three or more Books as scatters give you a free spin bonus in Book of Ra. In such a spin, the extra bonus is the expansion of one of the circles: this way there are more symbols and none will be missing, to create the best combinations.

Of course, this definition of one symbol had to take hold in casino slots. What was a novelty in Book of Ra is now standard in many cases. This is partly because the game has captured players’ attention with its refined, colourful interface and captivating sound effects. It keeps you hooked, and prompts manufacturers to copy some of the interesting features into their casino slots.

Book of Ra gameplay

book of ra gameplay

In Book of Ra, the gameplay is clichéd but thrilling and truly addictive. When it comes to the overall scheme, there is nothing surprising about it: Book of Ra is, after all, just levers and shields.

The structure is simple and so are the general rules: you can bet on payline results. The game has a 5×3 field and the maximum bet per set is $45. Winnings are decided by combinations from left to right, except for scatters. Of course, the winning symbols must fall on the payline (again – no scatters, as these are counted from the whole screen). Next to the machine is always shown the winnings table automatically adjusting to the bet amount. It is worth mentioning that the Book of Ra slot also has an autoplay mode. In this second mode, the game will continue to play until the limit set in the casino is reached and you don’t have to manually trigger each turn.

We’re not going to describe all the symbols here, of course, because one, it doesn’t make much sense, and two, just discovering them is an immanent part of the entertainment. The graphics are really great and just looking at the screen gives a lot of pleasure.

Book of Ra: bonus, special features and extras

We’ve already mentioned a few special features of Book of Ra, but it’s worth collecting them all in one place so that this isn’t just a review, but a collection of the most relevant tips.

The other tidbit is the option to wager your winnings. Instead of taking the cash straight away, you can multiply it by guessing the colour of the reversed card. All you have to do is click on the right symbol and you can go home (well, this is an online casino, you’re home all the time!) with a bigger win. But remember, to miss means to give away all your winnings.

Everyone starts the game at the same level and the only “surprises” you can count on are those that are implemented in the game mechanism. Compared to many slots, the lack of a welcome bonus seems like a weak proposition, but you can play and you’ll find that the right variety of gameplay is enough to get you hooked.

Book of Ra demo for free

book of ra interface

The game is really worth your time and a handful of change, but if you want to check out the Book of Ra demo, it’s available for free. This option is also available on mobile devices: hold down the thumbnail and select Book of Ra demo from the drop-down menu.


Book of Ra Casino slot is one of the many games created by Novomatic and certainly one of the most recognisable. It has excellent graphics, captivating sound effects, features that make Book of Ra’s gameplay enjoyable and unusual solutions. It captures very well the feeling of playing in a real casino on authentic slots – there is a touch of nostalgia. Try the Book of Ra demo to find out for yourself. And then you can also check out Book of Ra Deluxe. Bet responsibly, have fun and win, and Book of Ra casino slot could end up on your list of favourites.